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About Us

Long ago, in a time where eight hours of sleep was standard, when we dined out frequently and slept in Sundays, when we saw new release movies at the cinema and opened the weekend paper on the weekend it was printed…we thought life was, pretty good.

We thought busy meant five deep in the morning coffee line and that multi-tasking was picking up the dry cleaning before Friday night drinks…

Then we had kids...

And life became something of a roller coaster ride. There are highs and lows and plenty of time on the straights. But over all, it’s a rush, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We quickly learnt kids are a daily source of wonderment. We love their energy, curiosity and sense of adventure. Did we mention their energy? Phew, it’s exhausting just thinking about those endless hours of exploring and creating, busy bodies and even busier minds.

At Roller Coaster Kids we draw our inspiration from the small folk doing what they do best, being Kids! We search for cool things that kids identify with, that epitomise life where there is wind in the hair, sand between the toes and a little mud under the finger nails. In a world where dreams are big and possibilities are endless..

Come along and join us on the Roller Coaster….